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Top 5 Questions About Homeschooling
Top 5 Questions About Homeschooling
Top 5 Questions About 最全菠菜网
Top 5 Questions About 最全菠菜网

Common Questions About Homeschooling

Common Questions About 最全菠菜网

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Common Questions About Homeschooling

How do I start homeschooling?

许多刚开始在家教育的家庭从字面的角度来思考这个问题. What school supplies do I need? Which workbooks should I buy? How do I set up my home? These are all valid and important questions. However, before your family dives into all of homeschooling’s tactical components, we recommend that you focus on the legal requirements first. 根据你所在的州,你可能需要写一封家庭学校的意向书. Some states require you to notify your local school, while others require you to submit the letter to the Department of Education. 当地的家庭学校团体和合作社是你所在州家庭教育要求的最佳信息来源.  大多数这些团体都是由有经验的家庭教育者运营的,他们会很高兴帮助你的过渡. Check out our state homeschool information page to access homeschool resources by state, or our 最全菠菜网 Families Group on Facebook to connect with homeschoolers in your state.

Is homeschooling the same as a virtual school?

No. While virtual school assignments are completed from home, 虚拟学校是在线学校,通常是公立或私立学校的一部分. 这意味着除了家长以外的人负责选择最全菠菜网和, ultimately, your child’s education. In the case of virtual public schools, which are offered by many states and are usually free, it’s essentially public school at home. While virtual schools are a viable option for some parents and children, 你需要记住,他们可能会要求你遵守规定的时间表/日历和最全菠菜网. 在家庭教育中,家长可以完全控制时间安排和最全菠菜网选择. 最全菠菜网 is a curriculum provider, not a virtual school.

When should I start homeschooling?

Parents who have made the decision to homeschool can start anytime. You don’t have to follow a traditional school calendar, and in fact, 许多家庭选择在家上学,这样他们就可以完全控制自己的学习时间表. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to withdraw your child from school, 花些时间从学术的角度去了解你的孩子是很重要的. For many families, 通常需要几周的时间来发现他们的孩子如何以及何时学习得最好, along with skill levels and areas of interest. 这将帮助你确定哪些家庭教育最全菠菜网和整体家庭教育经验将对你的家庭最有效.

How much does homeschooling cost?

This all depends on an individual family’s budget. There really isn’t a specific amount that it costs to homeschool. We recommend avoiding paying a lot for any homeschool program, especially without first knowing how your child learns best. Sometimes, 如果你被合同束缚或不能归还书籍和软件,这将导致金钱损失. 最全菠菜网 is a cost-effective option. We offer a low monthly membership, month-to-month billing and the option to start, stop, and even pause at any time.

Should I follow a schedule when homeschooling?

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is its flexibility. Unlike traditional schools where children follow strict daily, weekly, and yearly schedules, homeschooling allows your family to take charge of when learning occurs. Every family is different. Some families homeschool year-round, with breaks throughout the year; others follow a traditional school schedule and take summers off. Since homeschooling offers a completely personalized approach to learning, 你可能会发现你的孩子不需要每天坐在书桌前6小时的学习时间. 根据你孩子的年级,他们通常会花2到4个小时在家上学. Many homeschooling families also include field trips, sports, 和其他课外活动,以丰富他们的孩子的学习,并可能决定保留4天的学校一周,以应付这些额外的. The choice is yours. Just remember that learning can take place anywhere, not just at home.

How do I know if my child is learning enough?

This is a common concern for new homeschoolers. First, make sure to follow your state’s homeschooling requirements. Next, it will be important as a homeschool parent to set goals. Do you want to complete an entire grade level in your curriculum? Do you want your child to master certain concepts? For many homeschooling families, academic progress is the goal. Families who are seeking a more formal means of measuring achievement use Testing Services for homeschoolers. 这些全国标准化的测试可以在家里进行,这是一种看你的孩子是否在正轨上的方法. Ultimately it’s up to your family to best determine how you measure progress.

Can my homeschooler go to college?

Yes! Check out any homeschool-friendly colleges and universities your child may be interested in attending. 根据学校的不同,你可能需要高中成绩单和/或高中文凭. You can use this high school transcript template from 最全菠菜网 or access others from, if you need. 一些学院和大学还要求SAT和/或ACT等考试的分数. 一定要和他们的招生顾问交流,充分了解他们的入学要求.

I’m worried my child won’t be socializing with other children. What can I do?

Experienced homeschoolers will tell you that socialization is the biggest non-issue in homeschooling. Many homeschooling groups 而且合作社也可以提供给家庭,所以你不必担心孩子的社交活动. Many groups offer activities such as field trips, play dates, and other fun events for families to participate together. If you are doing the teaching, 家庭教育小组可以帮助你与其他父母联系,当你有问题时,他们可以为你提供意见. Depending on where you live, 一些学校也为某些活动向在家学习的学生敞开大门. Of course, today, with social media and computer technology, homeschoolers can connect, socialize, and learn with other children at an instant, whenever, and wherever!

Do I have to homeschool forever?

No. 每个家庭都是独特的,你可以自己决定你想在家上学多长时间. It’s easy to move in and out of homeschooling, so you can homeschool for a few years, send your child back to school, then homeschool again if you choose. 寻找以标准为基础的家庭学校项目,提供灵活性,不需要合同.


了解你孩子独特的学习风格将是一个巨大的帮助,当选择一个家庭学校项目. While some families use just one curriculum, others find that a blend of different curricula and resources works better. This curriculum checklist will help you make an informed decision when choosing a homeschool program.

Common Questions About 最全菠菜网

What is 最全菠菜网?

最全菠菜网 is an online PreK-12th grade curriculum covering language arts, math, science, and social studies. Interactive activities are student-paced, 并且为家长提供计划和报告工具,方便安排和跟踪进度. Unlike virtual schools with teachers, we empower you to take control of when, where, and how your child learns. The majority of our customers are homeschoolers. Some homeschool families use 最全菠菜网 as their primary curriculum, while others use it as a homeschool supplement. 其他成员使用最全菠菜网作为课后或暑期学校建设,以弥补学习损失或保持知识. Parents usually use 最全菠菜网 to facilitate learning for younger children, while older students, such as high school students, may require little to no supervision. 父母是记录的老师,所以参考你的具体情况是很重要的 state’s requirements to determine what is mandatory to be in good standing. If you are new to homeschooling, we recommend reading our free “Welcome to Homeschooling Guide.”

Is 最全菠菜网 a virtual school with teachers?

最全菠菜网 is not a virtual school, and no, there are no live teachers. 最全菠菜网 is a curriculum. If used for homeschooling, 父母作为正式的教师记录和使用最全菠菜网的方式,以最适合他们的家庭. With the exception of some optional offline activities, all instruction is provided online using pre-recorded instructors, animations, and reading activities. 最全菠菜网的自动化系统将跟踪和维护家长的分数和进步.

Is 最全菠菜网 Accredited?

This question is one of the most common ones we receive. The short answer is ‘no,’ but the longer answer is worth understanding. Accreditation is a form of credentialing that applies to schools. Accreditation addresses issues such as teacher: student ratios, number of computers in the media center, number of teachers holding advanced degrees, the curriculum used, etc. 因为最全菠菜网是一门最全菠菜网而不是一所学校,所以认证并不适用于菠菜资源网. However, 最全菠菜网提供的最全菠菜网被美国许多被认可的学校使用, and it is educationally rigorous.

Can my school or classroom enroll in 最全菠菜网?

最全菠菜网 does not provide its K-12 curriculum to schools. 最全菠菜网 is intended to be used as a homeschool curriculum, afterschool alternative to tutoring, and/or for summer learning to make up for learning losses. If you are looking for an online curriculum for classroom use, please contact Edgenuity for information.

Can 最全菠菜网 help me plan my homeschool year?

Yes! 家长可以使用计划工具,帮助他们为自己的家庭学年制定时间表. 菠菜资源网理解一些家长更喜欢看到一个结构化的列表,列出他们的学生应该做什么以及什么时候做什么. This option exists in our Detailed Activity Planner. Other parents prefer a more flexible, less structured approach. We accommodate this style as well with our Curriculum Calculator. 最全菠菜网 has tools that support all instructional methods.

How can 最全菠菜网 help my child with special needs?

最全菠菜网 can help any child, including those with special needs. Every child has their own combination of gifts, skills, needs, and difficulties with learning, so each deserves a learning program suited to their needs. 以下是为什么天才学生和有特殊需要的孩子的家长都选择最全菠菜网的原因:
  • Lessons build on existing reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Learning levels, or grade levels, for each subject are independently set for each child, helping those who perform or progress at different levels.
  • 最全菠菜网 memberships include extra practice, such as free access to Time4MathFacts, to help students develop strong foundational math skills.
  • Depending on the grade level and course, 学生有机会获得一个以上的年级和一个以下的年级,所以他们可以回顾或前进,只要他们需要.
  • 该项目允许学生按照自己的节奏学习,如果需要,甚至可以重复最全菠菜网.
  • The lessons use exercises that stimulate students’ visual, auditory, 以及多感官活动的运动技能,这些活动是生动和互动的.
In fact, for the reasons above, we have been approved by the IBCCES as a Certified Autism Resource.

Program & Membership Questions

How much is a 最全菠菜网 membership?

Pricing depends on the grade level of your students:
  • For PreK to 8th grade, the monthly membership cost is $19.95 for the first student and $14.95 for each additional student.
  • 在高中,每个学生每月的会员费是30美元,包括4门最全菠菜网. Additional courses may be purchased for an extra $5 per month, per course. 如果你有一个学生在高中水平,你将获得14美元的折扣率.95 for a student in the lower grades; there is no discounted rate for a second student who is at the high school membership level.
您的计费周期从注册之日开始,会员每30天计费一次. 最全菠菜网 has no hidden fees, offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for new members, and allows members to start, stop, or pause anytime. Parents must cancel through their Parent Dashboard. Once an account is cancelled, 会员只有在他们的计费周期结束前才能查看该计划和学生报告.

What does a membership consist of?

  • Comprehensive lesson plans, resources, 和教学工具,让家长形象化和更好地准备教学过程的每一步
  • Convenient answer keys that accompany tests, quizzes, and worksheets are available to parents both online and in print
  • 一个最全菠菜网计算器,给家长和学生一个松散的时间表遵循或详细的活动计划,帮助家长成功地计划出整个学年
  • 节省时间的自动评分和报告,自动跟踪和记录您的学生的进步
  • 访问多个等级和最全菠菜网水平,所以您可以定制最全菠菜网,以您的学生的技能水平与无限的变化
  • A secure, ad-free, online learning environment for your students to work in
  • 24/7 access to our award-winning online curriculum

What is the 最全菠菜网 100% satisfaction guarantee?

最全菠菜网 offers a 14-day money-back guarantee period. 如果菠菜资源网的最全菠菜网在入会的前14天内不能满足您的家庭需求, 菠菜资源网会将您的钱直接退还给您的信用卡或借记卡支付您的会员资格. 此优惠只适用于新会员,不包括重新激活的帐户. Further cancellation and refund policies are detailed in our billing policy.

What subjects / courses are included with my membership?

最全菠菜网’s flexible, 全面的学前教育最全菠菜网为学生在各个核心领域打下坚实的基础, helping prepare them for more advanced learning in the years to come. Topics, concepts, and themes covering math, language arts (reading), science and social studies will be introduced with fun stories, characters, and interactive activities. The K-8th grade curriculum consists of standards-based language arts and math.
  • 语言艺术最全菠菜网是在一个建议的顺序,旨在创建一个强大的识字基础. 它包括语音、语法、阅读理解、拼写、词汇、写作技能等等.
  • The math curriculum combines multimedia lessons, interactive activities and reinforcing worksheets to teach basic arithmetic, number sense and operations, measurement, geometry, and more. 最全菠菜网 members also have free access to Time4MathFacts!
k -8年级的最全菠菜网也提供社会研究和科学的大多数年级水平.
  • 从小学二年级到中学阶段的学生都可以上社会研究最全菠菜网. Because state standards differ, 在初级水平的社会研究可能需要补充,以满足您当地的要求.
  • 从幼儿园到中学,学生都可以学习科学.
    • 小学科学最全菠菜网从幼儿园到五年级,按年级划分.
    • Middle school science is offered at the sixth to eighth grade level. 它分为三个主要最全菠菜网:生命科学、地球科学和物理科学.
The high school curriculum consists of the primary subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. There are 14 elective courses that are also available. Membership includes four courses, with the option to add courses for an extra $5 per course per month. For a closer look at the high school selections, visit the high school curriculum overview page. Please note that it is possible to use 最全菠菜网 for just one subject; however, pricing will not change.

Which grade levels / courses should I select for my child? Can I make changes if necessary?

家长被要求在注册过程中为他们的学生选择一个年级水平. If you are not sure what grade to enroll your student in, that’s okay. 根据孩子的年龄或学术背景,选择你认为可能是好的起点的年级水平.

作为你的家庭学校计划的记录老师,你可以随时自由地做出改变. Since many children can be ahead (or behind) in one subject, while on grade level for others, 大多数学生可以学习三个级别的最全菠菜网(取决于年级水平). 因此,选修二年级数学和语言艺术的学生也可以上一年级和三年级的最全菠菜网. This allows them to review and advance whenever necessary. 菠菜资源网建议您的孩子在不同年级完成一些活动,以更好地了解他们的优势或挑战在每个学科.

High school is organized by courses rather than grade levels. Therefore, students do not have access to grade levels. However, you can change or update your courses, e.g., change Algebra I to Algebra II, at any time if you find a course is too challenging or not challenging enough. If your student is college-bound, 菠菜资源网建议您回顾一下您所在州的高中毕业最全菠菜网要求,这样您就可以从最全菠菜网提供的最全菠菜网中做出正确的选择.

No matter what grade level or course selections you choose for your students, 父母总是能够做出改变. You can change the grade level or course selections at any time through the Parent Dashboard.

High School Questions

Does 最全菠菜网 offer a diploma?

Since 最全菠菜网 is a curriculum and not a school, we do not provide diplomas, but you can as the homeschool teacher of record! All 50 states in the U.S. 允许父母给他们认为达到或超过毕业标准的孩子颁发毕业证书. To check comparable public school graduation requirements, check your state Board of Education website.

Does 最全菠菜网 provide a transcript?

最全菠菜网 is not a school, so we don’t keep or issue transcripts. 最全菠菜网的自动化系统可以对学生的在线最全菠菜网进行评分,并保存报告,这些报告可以包含在家庭学校的作品集中,或用于创建成绩单. We do offer a transcript template that parents can download and fill out. 模板笔记还提供了发放学时和计算GPA的提示.


Yes. Parents have the option to select eighth-grade math and language arts, as well as any of the middle school science and social studies courses.

How many credits is a 最全菠菜网 high school course?

最全菠菜网 is a curriculum tool to be used by the student, while the homeschool parent remains the official teacher of record. 最全菠菜网 does not assign credits to courses; however 最全菠菜网’s automated system tracks the amount of time students spend on the online lessons. 这个功能可以帮助家长根据学生花在作业上的时间来评估最全菠菜网的价值. For information on high school credits, we suggest checking out the Guide to Giving High School Credits at


家长应该将最全菠菜网与国家标准进行比较,以确保学生满足毕业要求. 因为最全菠菜网不是一所学校,学生不会从最全菠菜网毕业. 最全菠菜网 is an online curriculum, parents are the acting “Teacher of Record,他们教书的家被认为是学生毕业的学校.

Technical & Support Questions

Can 最全菠菜网 run on any computer?

拥有快速接入互联网(DSL或电缆调制解调器)的计算机(PC或Mac)是理想的选择. 而一些订阅者已经能够通过卫星连接或Linux操作系统访问最全菠菜网, it is not recommended. Our curriculum does not support Linux and requires a strong, steady Internet connection to run the streaming lessons. We do not recommend using cellular data or mobile hotspots.

What browser works best with 最全菠菜网?

For the best user experience, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Edge and Safari are acceptable but not optimal.

Can 最全菠菜网 run on an iPad or other tablets?

A computer, laptop, or Chromebook will provide the best user experience, but here are some recommendations for tablet/mobile device use:
  • iOS设备(大于iPad mini)支持Safari或谷歌Chrome浏览器.
  • Android Devices are not supported for K-8. 用户可能会遇到随机问题,包括未标记为完整的活动.
  • 有关高中及初中科学与社会研究最全菠菜网,请参阅菠菜资源网的 System Requirements page.
  • Smartphones, as well as Amazon Fire/Kindle tablets, are not supported.

How do I get help and ask questions from 最全菠菜网?

Our support team and the 最全菠菜网 community are here to help you. 你可以通过以下几种方式获得帮助:拨打最全菠菜网:您可以免费拨打菠菜资源网的电话 . We answer the phones Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m.until 8:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) and on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Contacting Customer Support. We answer emails seven days a week. Join our 最全菠菜网 Families Group on Facebook to help you meet and connect with other homeschooling parents.

PreK - 8th

  • Monthly, first student
  • ($14.95 monthly for each additional student)

9th - 12th

  • Monthly, per student
  • (Includes 4 courses per student)

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